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The Epitome of Managed Care Programme - The New AVIVA PCP

Aviva PCP [Preferred Care Plus] is the specially designed enhanced version of the popular and proven managed care scheme, PCP.

The Aviva PCP is the 1st managed care scheme that allows the company to customize both the in-patient and out-patient components
[all existing managed care schemes do not have the flexibility to customize the out-patient component apart from introducing a maximum
benefit limit and/or co-insurance]

Apart from the design and benefit advantages, the Aviva PCP 's panel of service providers are all linked up via the internet, thus allowing
instant monitoring and control of expenses. GP would be able to know from the Internet whether an employee has maximized his entitlement,
thereby reducing the need for HR to try to recover from the employee any inadmissible outpatient benefit.

With Aviva PCP, we are able to custom design and implement any managed care scheme for each client. The only constraint would be one 's
imagination and budget. Whilst the number of possible combinations of cover is huge, these may be segregated into 3 categories:

    1.The Classic which is ideal when cost control is the prime concern

    2.The Premier which strikes a good balance between freedom of choice of service providers versus cost control. This category is most
       popular amongst HR practitioners in Singapore

    3.The Supreme where freedom of choice of service providers is almost without restraint. It is usually chosen by companies who are not
       particularly concerned about cost control but wanted Managed Care for its administration convenience

The Aviva PCP is definitely a balm to soothe the woes associated with outpatient benefits.